The below prices include ALL of the following:
– Full-board accommodation (breakfast, lunch and dinner and full use of household facilities)
– Five 90-minute lessons per week (at times most convenient to the student)
– Transport to the home on arrival in Newton Abbot, and to the local station for eventual departure


1 - 3 week stay

£365 per week

4 - 7 week stay

£350 per week

8+     weeks

£325   per week

16+   weeks

£300 per week


* time of lessons may be subject to negotiation, i.e. in the event of a student finding local employment or participating in other cultural activities which may occupy the morning.

Course lengths to be agreed and payments to be made in advance. In the event of the student wishing the stay to be extended, payments to be made on a week-to-week basis if the stay is indefinite, or as a fixed sum for a mutually agreed extension period (for example, a student might pay £1095 to stay for a period of 3 weeks at a rate of £365 pw, and then decide to extend their stay by a further 10 weeks. In this event the student would pay in advance a further £3250, i.e. at the lower 8+ weeks rate of £325 pw).

 Extras available:

  • Additional lessons: a further 60-minute lesson may be added per day at the cost of £25 per lesson. This may be pre-agreed and paid prior to the course commencement or added to the package at any time during the stay.
  • Cultural excursions: guided tours of the following locations may also be added to the package at the prices shown***


Torquay and Cockington


A guided walk around Torquay, birth place of Agatha Christie, and on into the preserved historical village of Cockington




A guided walk around this ancient town deep in the Devon countryside, including a visit to its famous castle




A guided visit to the capital of the region, including its magnificent cathedral and places of historical interest




A guided visit to Devon’s largest city, including its famous Barbican waterfront, lighthouse and naval port.


 *** extensive guidance will be provided free of charge to students seeking advice and recommendations for local attractions, events and places of cultural or social interest. We’re happy to help you enjoy your stay as much as you can!