English Courses

It is recommended that potential courses are discussed via e-mail or over the phone before a final decision is taken.

- All courses and classes are taught on an intensive one-to-one basis in the home.
- As mentioned, courses are entirely flexible and customizable to the learner’s needs.

General english:courses are open-ended courses which use a variety of materials to improve the learner’s all-round English.

Conversational english: courses are for refining more natural English language skills and achieving greater comfort in general conversation; as such, conversational English is perhaps better recommended to upper-intermediate or advanced students, but can still be integrated into general English courses as a learner gains more confidence.

English language literature, creative writing and essay writing: for advanced students of English looking to explore the potential of English as a literary and an academic language

Business english: courses are available, utilizing a range of material, to enhance and refine the English of a learner seeking greater precision in this specialized area.

Exam Courses:are available for the achievement of specific certificates. Included are:

  • FCE – Cambridge First Certificate in English. A certificate that demonstrates a learner’s comfort in spoken and written English at an upper-intermediate level.
  • CAE – Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English. An internationally recognized and leading certificate for students looking to demonstrate that their English language skill has reached a high professional and academic standard.
  • CPE –Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English. The most advanced available Cambridge certificate, demonstrating an extremely high skill level and linguistic comfort.
  • IELTS – The International English Language Testing System. A globally used English test for those seeking to enter employment or education that requires the English language.


Package includes:

  • A 90-minute intensive one-to-one lesson each week day morning (Monday to Friday)*
  • Full-board accommodation**