EnglishReady has ANOTHER little helper ;)

Always looking for another assistant, EnglishReady is now happy to announce that our little canine helper Lola (see previous post) has now been joined by a new friend – Winnie! Winnie’s extensive secretarial skills include chewing envelopes, and of course hiding stationary. A valuable addition! A hello and a WOOF! from Winnie and EnglishReady 🙂


EnglishReady on Twitter

EnglishReady is now posting updates, news, and general thoughts and retweets of interest on Twitter. Look for us on Twitter: @LearnEnglish_ER …. and join the conversation! Calvin @ EnglishReady


Entering the world of beautiful literature

EnglishReady will be examining fiction in translation and post-modern literature. It is giving me great pleasure to collect and compile a selection of texts and sources for my classes in literary analysis and discussion. Borges, Nabokov, Foster Wallace (new publication imminent, I am delighted to say), Gaddis, Vollmann…. the riches of the written word are endless….


Welcoming French and Italian students

Having already enjoyed the company of French, Spanish and Dutch students in 2014, the EnglishReady house welcomes more delightful French live-in students in November, and Italian in early 2015! Looking forward to the new faces. 🙂


EnglishReady has a little helper…

Welcoming our little Lola to the EnglishReady house! Four-legged and friendly, Lola will be doing her best to assist students in any way she can. Mostly by being cute. So come and learn with us and Lola! … We should really get her an EnglishReady badge, or something… BYE BYE AND WOOF WOOF!!!!